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Ads from Oodle and Indeed

As AdBulletin.com is just beginning operation, we have initially partnered with two other national ad providers to bring more ad content to AdBulletin.com.  When you see a banner across any page of the Classified, Directory, Real Estate, or Vehicle Editions of AdBulletin.com which reads "More Listings by Oodle", clicking on any ads below that line will take you away from AdBulletin.com to an ad that is being supplied by Oodle.  The same thing happens in the Employment Edition when you see a banner which reads "More jobs by Indeed."
These external ads have not been posted on AdBulletin.com but are being shown to provide our customers with more sources of information.  However, AdBulletin.com has no control over those ads so we urge our customers to proceed cautiously and to follow "safe computing" practices when answering any of those ads.